Basics of Production

A lot has changed over the decades of Film Making.  We used to do things with film which gave us an awesome product but was very expensive.  With the advent of the digital age, we all have cameras that deliver a better quality product and easier to edit and modify then before.  Sets used to […]

Being the PA Driver

As the PA Driver you will have to drive a vehicle for the production.  This is a very loose title as the vehicle can be any Class ‘C’ vehicle.  These range from cars to 5 ton cube trucks.  Any vehicle that is larger then a 1 ton pick up truck (i.e. Ford F-350) requires extra […]

How to be a Production Assistant

As a Production Assistant (PA) you will be expected to do tasks and think on your feet.   Even though this is the entry level position into the Film Industry, you will be responsible for many important tasks and equipment. PA’s are usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. We are always […]